Google rolls out yet another refreshing logo, but this time – with more changes applied to its Search results and Now cards.

by Pyxle PR on September 17, 2015

During its 20 years or so of being a constant companion for all of us as we made use of the World Wide Web, Search Engine giant Google Inc. has been the de facto Search Engine for most of us hitherto. Whether its working for a school project or simply searching for a new game to pass time away with, there’s no doubt about the fact that this Search medium has transformed the way we perceive the internet, let alone make use of it.


Come the 1st of September, Kai Conragan, chief Product Designer at the corporation revealed that an all-new look to the company’s brand, including icons shall be gradually showcased over the desktop and beyond, including a variety of mediums such as tablets and smartphones. Plus, this particular motif is due to be moving on to other niches of Google as well, such as Google+, Maps, News etc. This captivating change has also been applied to the Google App over Android, further streamlining this strategy to a level that’s more holistic overall.


What’s more, Google has strived to also make this rebranding effort more ergonomic and efficacious, thereby enhancing the results of items as they are searched over the platform. This includes a combination of websites, images and various other forms of multimedia over one webpage, which can conveniently be swiped and tapped upon to be revealed and directed over. Now cards have also been improved in terms of categorization, which means that the inclusion of categories shall make it more user-friendly to exactly find what you were seeking for, and cards will change size and move up or down your screen depending on how urgent they are.

                      nexus2cee_now-09012015   nexus2cee_search-09012015

With these multi-dimensional transformations now implemented over a simple search on Google, a combination of text, images, videos and related content suggestions remind us of a traditional News Feed over any Social Network – of course with this being more customized to suit what we would’ve entered along the search bar! In addition to this, Google Inc. has also pointed out that the current logos and icons have been designed to cater towards a wide array of screen dimensions, thereby delivering a logo and icon range that is responsive.
Another lesser known fact about this new logo is that it is also improved in terms of being a lighter file than its former counterpart; with the former Google logo having been up to 14,000 bytes that obviously needs to be downloaded once a user keys in the domain, the current logo stands at a wispy 305 bytes – making it seamlessly easy for those who use data plans conservatively to further be a part of using Google more often in third-world countries such as India, as well as China.
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