History of Google Algorithm Updates – Part I

by Pyxle PR on March 12, 2015

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Google’s algorithm keeps changing about 500-600 times each year and most of these changes are minor and facts revealed little change. As against some of these updates such as Google Panda and Google Penguin has had significant results in the SERP.  Now, let’s review the history of changes in Google algorithms, and this article covers the updates occurred between 2000-2010.

Google algorithm Updates – 2000-2010


Updates to the Google algorithm in 2010

Social signal was primarily used by Google to determine the ranking process and also to obtain data from Facebook and Twitter.  Google announced this update on December 2010.

Another update took place in November 2010 and which is known as Instant Previews, this algorithm allowed visitors to have a quick and easy overview of the landing pages directly in the SERP. This helped to focus on the landing page, design and usability.

Google Instant was launched in September 2010 and it helped to present the search results when the query was typed.

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2009

Preview Caffeine is a massive infrastructure that has been designed to accelerate the freshness of content thus widening the index of the page. Indexing and ranking were in real time and this update deployed in August 2009

Google Caffeine: A Detailed Test of the New Google (Mashable)

Help test some next-generation infrastructure (Google)

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2008

This update has been a major change was the Google Suggest in August 2008 and helped present the recommended research when visitors type their queries. Dewey was launched in April 2008 had a large-scale reshuffle, but some details Dewey is not clear to me.

Google.com Finally Gets Google Suggest Feature

Google’s Cutts Asking for Feedback on March/April ’08 Update (The “Dewey” Update)

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2007

After the departure of Vanessa Fox of Google, it was the update of Google Buffy entry in action, which was the accumulation of small changes. The universal search was the update that was launched in May, which included the results of the research, such as Video, News, Pictures, locals and other changes dramatically.

SMX Seattle wrap-up

Google 2.0: Google Universal Search

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2006

The false alarm was updated in December 2006 and the result some major changes in the rankings. Complete with another update focusing on filtering the pages, and this, launched in November 2006.

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2005

Big Daddy was updated in December 205 and is an update on the infrastructure that has changed the handling process of the canonization of URLs and other more technical questions…

Indexing timeline

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2004

Google IPO was the algorithm that was launched in August 2004 and has been a major shift in Google’s history

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2003

The additional index was launched primarily for indexing multiple documents without sacrificing any performance

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2002

Updating the “1st Documental” which was launched in September 2002, which had a major redesign with page rank level is the phenomenon of the Google Dance.

Updates to the Google algorithm in 2000

Google Toolbar was launched in December with the browser toolbar and page toolbar page rank.

It is important for fans of SEO, moreover, know the dates of these updates to Google… For a simple reason this can help to explain changes in rankings and organic traffic site, ultimately improve the optimization of search engines.