Interactive digital banking solutions from Pyxle – revolutionising the way Sri Lankans do their banking

by Pyxle PR on October 24, 2016


Pyxle has been, and continues to be an integral partner for delivering digital strategies to 4 leading banks in Sri Lanka. With our background of conceptualising futuristic solutions for the banking and finance sector, we have recognised the growing need for customised, accessible banking that goes beyond the traditional, in-person concept.

Our forte in world-class software development is now being diversified to cater to omnichannel digital banking solutions, by way of interactive banking kiosks. These kiosks can assist even the most remote locations in being equipped with a full range of banking services, where every unit shall be seamlessly connected to a centralised banking centre that operates 24/7.

Customers can perform any service with one-on-one assistance from a bank representative via video call, just like they would if they were at the bank. This thereby preserves the convenience of offering individual support to each customer, with the added benefit of confidentiality and the ability to bank anywhere, anytime.

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