Pyxle and Eswaran Brothers celebrate world’s most ethical Olinda Teas

by admin on September 25, 2013

Understanding the importance of reforestation and the critical role trees play in the environment has become a core mantra of Eswaran Teas, a conglomerate whose rich heritage is deeply entrenched in principles of quality and customer satisfaction.

Untitled-111According to the company, at the core of its sustainability platform was the promise to plant a tree in a certified reforestation project for every 100 packs of green tea that would be purchased. The company chose the Hiniduma Bio Link managed for this purpose. This project which was the first of its kind in Asia to be registered under the Plan Vivo Standard uses the payment for eco system services model to enhance community income by making payments to small hold farmer families for maintaining rainforest trees. This project pioneered the creation of value added carbon credits through the innovative community programs.

Celebrating this commitment to promoting ethical organic teas and contributing to the local ecology, Eswaran Brothers contracted Pyxle Plc to design and deploy the Olinda Teas website (

Pyxle, the country’s leading trendsetting web developer, understood the client’s story telling requirements, the need to promote the brand’s core values and the sustainability initiatives surrounding the celebrated Olinda Teas.
Cutting-edge Magento shopping cart technology and WordPress was used to showcase the brand’s promise in deriving a sustainable way to enjoy pure teas.

“We are very pleased with Pyxle’s new and innovative design to promote a brand close to us and firmly believe the site will attract a young, hip generation among other tea connoisseurs who are concerned about the environment. We trust our message of conserving our own rainforests is aptly conveyed and will educate all generations who enjoy a cup of tea,” said Eswaran Brothers Deputy Chairman Subramaniam Eassuwaren.

The design of the site also encompasses the ethical business practices of Eswaran Brothers through a mini site providing information on their values and brands, their legacy and other sustainable programs they promote within the plantation community.

According to Kavidra Weerabaddana of Pyxle, “We are proud of our ability to develop creative concepts around issues at the forefront of current debate and to be able to work with clients to deliver sustainable, social and environmental change. Having understood the Client’s requirements we aimed at highlighting their range of products as well as the strong ethical values of the company, engaging both retail and individual customers.”