Pyxle awarded country partner for Acunetix, the world’s leading Online Security Product

by Pyxle PR on October 26, 2015

Renowned the world over for its effective capabilities in enhancing the security ratios of websites and web apps today, Acunetix integrates state-of-the-art scanning and analytical methodologies to ensure that Web portals today adhere to the latest standards of being safe and secure from increasing online vulnerabilities.




Trusted by some of the world’s most leading and reputed organizations such as NASA, Sony and HSBC, Acunetix utilizes cutting edge SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting and Networks Scanning to detect any vulnerabilities that regular Firewalls or SSLs cannot detect, thereby eradicating the potential of any hacking, phishing and spam attacks. What’s more, its efficacious AcuSensor technology helps lower the rate of false positives, as it has the profound ability to comprehensively monitor code while it is in execution.

Whether your site is hosted upon a CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla! or any other similar portal, or it is a custom-made range of webpages, Acunetix gets a thorough analysis completed over a wide range of security-related issues all Thanks to new-age crawling methodologies for sites regardless of the programming language it is developed in.

What with an entire global population now connected online, websites, web apps and anything else in between when it comes to the digital world is in use by the masses – and therefore liabilities of risk for all these online assets has also proportionately increased. Therefore, epitomised online security is imperative as it will also reflect upon your site’s overall user-operability, and in turn – your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness to all entities who are affiliated with your organization.

Joining hands with this globally acclaimed Web Security provider, Pyxle is now able to offer Online Security testing services for any Website or Web Solution in Sri Lanka that synergises cutting-edge technical know-how most resourcefully. Have a website or web app that you would like scanned to ensure its maximum security and potency? Talk to us now to know how we can conduct a Security Scan with Acunetix’s empowering analytical features.


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