Pyxle Badminton Championship 2014 – Witnessing the victory!!

by Pyxle PR on December 11, 2014



We have been counting days to witness the Badminton Championship 2014 and here we are with the update of our enthusiastic event and the first episode of the Pyxle sports fiesta.

Pyxle Badminton Championship 2014 was successfully held on 6th Saturday 2014 at the Royal Sports Complex, Colombo 07. All four teams, Union of Minions, Blood Wolves, Turtles and Luciferous Lions did an exciting battle, competing each other to win the championship.

Single championship was won by Anuradha Nanayakkara(Blood Wolves) and the runners-up by Malindra Padmaperuma(Turtles). Among the challenging teams Blood Wolves managed to rise up to the Pyxle Badminton Championship, runners-up Luciferase Lions and Union of Minions marked as 2nd runners-up.

It was a great opportunity to rouse up the hidden talents and identify the capabilities of our Pyxleites. It is indeed a remarkable approach to make the employees to witness the world of enjoyment.

We congratulate the champions Blood Wolves, the runners-up Luciferous Lions and the 2nd runners-up Union of Minions and all the other winners, hats off and well done!!

Congrats on another great season! It is an incredible adventure and experience! Viva la Pyxleites!!