Pyxle celebrates trailblazing rise in software industry

by admin on September 6, 2013

Celebrating a decade of great success and its fast-paced growth Pyxle, the country’s award-winning benchmark provider of software and internet business solutions, hosted a media briefing yesterday at Hotel Renuka, Colombo.

238Pyxle Director Operations Oshada Senanayake in his welcome address said: “Pyxle survived the global recession in 2008 and is among the handful of companies in the IT sector to still be in operation.

Celebrating our 10th year as a company, our goal is to change the IT landscape of Sri Lanka. Founded in 2003, with just two employees engaging in basic software development, the company has grown within the space of a decade to become a globally recognised supplier of bespoke software and web application development services. Today, it offers its services from multiple destinations together with a plethora of certifications and platform competencies.”

Elaborating on the company’s existence whilst facing challenges to keep up with world standards, Managing Director for Pyxle Preshantha Jayamaha stated: “At present Pyxle is at crossroads and we are always looking at doing things the right way. ‘Standing Out’ is our ethos and as a preferred choice as a strategic software partner for Fortune100 companies and numerous Sri Lankan conglomerates; with a total experience of handling more than 1,000 projects for over 400 clients. The company is recognised as an industry leader focused on products and services that work on or use the internet, cloud or browser based architecture. It has also received accolades for engaging in long-term relationships with its clientele; offering more specialized or bespoke software services than generic development.”

Pyxle’s key experience has been a decade of working on the internet in terms of eCommerce, transactional software, web and SharePoint portals as well as online collaboration. The company has seen and worked while the Internet and online collaboration has evolved from simple transactional interactions to a trillion dollar platform. The team at Pyxle are strong believers and movers in cloud, online and total future coactions.

From its humble beginnings, the Pyxle Team is now a strong team of 80 industry experts. “We believe in sustainable growth; which is actually against the norms of the IT industry. I have personally seen many IT companies balloon in size and then suddenly shut down when a project is done or they lose a few clients. A workforce is then shut out overnight. That is irresponsible business; we as business leaders have a responsibility towards society and our teams to be driven but also sensitive to those who follow our decisions. Pyxle can be triple in size if necessary; but we prefer to grow at a pace that is realistic and sustainable,” added Jayamaha.

The company has invested heavily into training, development and strategic growth initiatives. For example, Pyxle’s SharePoint team includes two MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) out of possibly only three individuals recognised as MVPs in Sri Lanka. The objective of this focused growth is to bring the best value to all its stakeholders; customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.
The company is also the recipient of local and international acclaim winning numerous industry specific awards. “As we look back on our success over the decade, we are extremely proud of the many achievements and milestones we have reached. It is also an ideal opportunity to formally acknowledge and thank the incredibly talented Pyxle Team, our clients and service providers,” said Jayamaha.

Pyxle’s vision, foresight and adaptability continue into the next decade as it begins to change the local IT landscape. In the pipeline is the launch of another state-of-the-art Development Centre focused only on Microsoft applications and a public education drive on IT services.
A partnership with a local university for dedicated internship, knowledge dissemination programs educating Sri Lankan organisations of the powerful advantages of online collaboration are future initiatives.

The company’s future roadmap continues through to 2017 and beyond, when it hopes to grow its team to over 400 personnel in development and customer service with dedicated development centres in South America, Africa and China and with the aim of becoming the most recognised IT services company in Sri Lanka.

Jayamaha concluded: “Our current growth phase is to create multiple time zone development centres so that we can offer a truly 24-hour service experience to a client in any time zone. We firmly believe that Pyxle will continue to evolve over the next 10 years. As a leading provider of software solutions seamlessly evolving with ever-changing technologies, our core philosophy of maintaining high standards of software and service originally set in 2003 remain enshrined.”