Pyxle delivers innovative and convenient online payment portal for JF Tours

by admin on June 25, 2014


JF Tours, one Sri Lanka’s premier travel management company and provider of inbound and outbound tours recently partnered with Pyxle, the provider of benchmark internet business solutions, to deliver a world-class travel payment portal for its customers.

JF Tours, as a Company which specializes in tailor made packages strives to meet its unique customer specifications. Pyxle’s approach was to simplify payments through a smarter online platform. Through Pyxle.PAY, a new and innovative platform, offers the invoicing of clients to be carried out online, both locally and globally making payments simple and faster.

The system provides an online platform where the credit card is sufficient for clients to make necessary payments. The need to generate a bank draft or a telegraphic transfer is a thing of the past. A client simply logs into a given secure URL and makes the relevant payment depending on their invoice using their credit card. This convenient method requires no documents from the client and an easy secure method for the transfer of funds.

“Offering the Pyxle.PAY online payment application, we emphasize our commitment to serve customers through virtual payment technologies. This solution allows us to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and enhances our endeavors to best serve our customers at all times” said Pavithra Fernando, Managing Director JF Tours.

The advantages for any organization using Pyxle.PAY are numerous. There is little delay in receiving pending payments from clients and transactions are processed through the web with JF Tours equipped with a fully-fledged back end system to process and track transactions.

The Pyxle Pay Online Payment App enables any business to offer online payment facilities linked to the web portal. Pyxle.PAY can be configured with internet payment gateway with all leading banks offering seamless flexibility in choosing your preferred bank.

With several features such as real-time email alerts on all payments, a back-end administration panel, comprehensive reporting to categorize/filter payments and integrating with all major Internet Payment Gateways presents Pyxle.PAY as an also ideal for institutions such as schools and even insurance companies where regular payments are expected.

Through Pyxle.PAY, JF Tours can increase their cash flow exponentially, in addition streamline and minimize their debtor lists. With instant and secure payment options, paperwork is reduced and the need to visit the travel company for the settlement of invoices for services is no longer necessary. This allows better budgeting and the ability to grow the Company.

“We are delighted to announce JF Tours as our latest Pyxle.PAY client. We believe this virtual solution offers JF Tours a flexible, secure and efficient payment system for their customers, providing them the necessary tools to meet their business objective of efficient payments and drive customer satisfaction.” said, Oshada Senanayake, Director Operations, Pyxle.

“We have once again proved Pyxle’s promise of bespoke business solutions with the Pyxle Payment Portal. This tailor-made solution for JF Tours offers the organization the creation of a streamlined online revenue channel as well as a value addition from a client perspective in terms of a globally accessible payment mode for effortless payments for services” he noted.