Pyxle develops an all-new intuitive website for Union Assurance General Limited.

by Pyxle PR on July 6, 2015

Pyxle recently developed a highly intuitive,modern and responsive website including customer-friendly features for Union Assurance General Limited (UAG), the recently segregated arm of Union Assurance (

Highlighting their new business model, the new website is UAG’s ongoing endeavour to simplify insurance information and portray its own product portfolio.

The new website reflects a clean design with a user-friendly layout and easy navigation structure, making it effortless for policyholders to gain easy access to information about its products and services. The main feature of the entire platform that makes this possible is an interactive ‘virtual house’ that acts as a creative guide; by means of a few clicks depending on what what a user is searching for, captivating imagery and dynamic captions reveal relevant information about UAG’s products and services, taking each user by the hand to thereby determine what exactly is most appropriate for him/her.

“We understand the importance of serving our customers’ insurance needs when it matters most,” said Clement Fernandopulle, General Manager IT at UAG. “Our new site is designed to be our customers’ first stop for insurance; information, solutions and insight. Its expanded focus allows us to offer best-in-class online support to meet our customers’ needs.”

The solution is a fully-fledged mobile enabled website with multi-lingual features, a clear categorization of products under UA General i.e. Motor, Home, Travel, Marine, etc. In addition, an interactive ‘Need based’ feature was incorporated to facilitate users to find their ‘Best Fit’ insurance package by directly addressing their unique needs.


Second from left: Mr. Sanjeew Perera (Head of Marketing, Pyxle) / Third from left: Mr. Oshada Senanayake (Manager Operations, Pyxle) / Second from right: Mr. Clement Fernandopulle, (General Manager of IT, UAG).

The website also offers customers detailed product information online and at their fingertips without having to visit a branch. A novel feature is the ‘Call Back’ concierge service, allowing customers to request an insurance agent contact them for further inquiries.

“Our goal was to provide a valuable resource in one location to help consumers make informed insurance decisions. Pyxle has developed our newly branded website enabling us to keep our existing customer base aware of company news and new developments whilst helping attract new clients.”

The new website not only provides comprehensive product information, but it also offers online users the ability to manage their accounts, check claim status, obtain policy information, and download claim forms with ease. More importantly, the website aims to educate and provide relevant information about supplemental insurance products while giving customers a positive online experience.

“The new design strongly portrays the UAG brand, while enabling the organization to better serve today’s consumer and position itself well for ongoing shifts in consumer technology adoption. By coupling a multi-device presence we are not only delivering an ideal customer experience, but offering a truly integrated presence that will deliver results.” said Oshada Senanayake, Director of Operations at Pyxle.

Source: The Daily News. To view the original article please click here.