Pyxle helps Horana Gurugoda School unleash the power of ICT education

by admin on July 18, 2014

Pyxle IT Lab donation

Gurugoda Kanishta Vidyalaya Horana, officially opened its state-of-the-art computer lab at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony. The computer lab donated by Pyxle, the country’s leader in Internet Business Solutions, is a gift to the students to equip and enhance their computer literacy skills and knowledge.

Improving IT literacy is one of Pyxle’s flagship CSR initiatives. This project aims to provide students in a rural area the opportunity to explore their own potential, to be exposed to innovative ideas and to contribute to a more productive community. Pyxle visited and reviewed several other schools and shortlisted Gurugoda KV for the presentation.

Gurugoda Vidyalaya has humble beginnings after its establishment in 1961. Several years of lack of funding witnessed a dismal population of only 54 students and 10 teachers in 2010. Together with the school administrators and effervescent principal, the course of this school changed. Today Gurogoda Vidyalaya is regarded as a model school where new ways of teaching for children are helping them to learn, grow, and thrive, helping uncover a generation of little geniuses.

The Pyxle Project was initiated with an aim of introducing the inexorable digital age to the classroom. The entire project involved converting a basic building structure into a comprehensive IT lab through the provision of comprehensive electrical wiring for the facility, a refitted ceiling, brand-new computers with a dedicated internet connection. Pyxle employees, together with school volunteers cleared and painted the structure, assembled furniture and help set up the computers.

“We want our students to be capable and competitive in the 21st Century and this computer lab will play an important role in providing our students with technological access to the information available to them beyond the classroom. Our goal is to prepare our students for their future” said School Principal Ajith Kumara.

The new lab will benefit and provide 150 students with access to the most recent technology and a high quality education. Pyxle will continue to assist the School, maintain the facility and ensure structured IT training for both the teachers and the students.

“At Pyxle we believe it is imperative to support the education and development of students in keeping with our core values of creating a better future for the community we live in. Given their limited facilities the school together with their dedicated and indefatigably Principal Ajith Kumara, has created a center of excellence, taking on the role of catalyst to expose students to better teaching methods. The IT lab will help Gurugoda Kanishta Vidyalaya connect to the global village with its vast library of knowledge. We truly foresee a brighter future for these children” noted Presantha Jayamaha, Managing Director, Pyxle.

Commenting on this realization of a long felt need, Gurugoda KV Principal said “We are truly grateful for this generous gift and offer of ongoing support from Pyxle. These computers will help our students enhance their IT skills and connect with the world. Our school mission is to foster life-long learners who will be an asset to our society and I firmly believe this lab will help us do just that.”