“Tell me about yourself?” – Pyxle Icebreaker of the Week

by Pyxle PR on March 6, 2015

Social Media

Gethmini Gooneratne – Social Media Executive

AKA: “G”/ Gethminion/Mini/


Why did you join Pyxle and how long have you been with the Pyxle Family?

“I joined the Pyxle family to expand my career in social media marketing. It has been a wonderful 1.5 years, “but feels like yesterday…” ”

What motivates you to come to work every day?

“Salary!! Kidding… (LOL). Actually it’s the type of work I do, everyday there is something new we learn”

What do you think about the Pyxle culture?

“It is very flexible”

Most interesting person in Pyxle and why?

I would say it’s everyone in the Pyxle Family, but mainly its Rameesh and Chrishan who leaves me clueless…”

Most unforgettable moment at Pyxle?

“I have two remarkable events, one is the Pyxle Aurudu festival and the other one is the Pyxle Christmas tree competition (Facebook likes battle)”

What do you think about the Pyxle working environment and why do you think a fun working environment is important?

“Pyxle environment is fun and flexible. A fun working environment makes you feel that the time is too short and it doesn’t make you feel that you have been working for “8 hours” ”