“Tell me about yourself?” – Pyxle Icebreaker

by Pyxle PR on February 16, 2015

Pyxle has been around for a while (10+ years!) and we’ve learned a thing or two during our journey. One of those things is our biggest strength – the people behind, the amazing work we put out. We truly think Pyxle has one of the most talented, creative and unique set of crazies, whose explosive combination has become the catalyst for some of the best work the industry has seen. In-fact we’re so proud of our people that we want YOU to meet them!

We will be highlighting the fun and friendly side of the Pyxle work force in the coming weeks. This week we have Danushki Perera…


Pyxle Icebreaker of the Week…

Danushki Perera– iMarketing Specialist

AKA : D_Fly/ Food center


Why did you join Pyxle and how long you have been with the Pyxle Family?

“I joined Pyxle because I want to develop my career in the field of iMarketing. I have been with the pyxle family for 6 months.”

What motivates you to come to work every day?

“PaanPaan” (her passion for internet marketing is supplanted only by her love for food)

What do you think about the pyxle culture?

“It is a very friendly culture A mixture of fun and a little challenging keeps things interesting”

Most interesting person in Pyxle and why?

“Rameesh , because he is the funniest person, even in the most serious situations! Also how he dances when he thinks no one is looking”

Most unforgettable moment at Pyxle?

“it is the Pyxle badminton tournament where I was the team captain and we won the championship – it was one of the most exciting times, leading my team to victory”

What do you think about the Pyxle working environment and why do you think a fun working environment is important?

“Environment is really fun and I think a fun working environment is important because it has the ability to reduce stress and have a smooth run at the work place”