Will the Mobile Friendly algorithm be more powerful than Panda and Penguin??

by Pyxle PR on March 20, 2015



The impact of the updated Mobile Friendly algorithm will have more impact than Panda and Penguin, as it will affect nearly 40% of the sites.

Zineb Ait Bahajji, one of the team members Webmaster Trends, said during the SMX Munich the next Google algorithm on the Mobile Friendly will have more ‘impact than updates to Google Panda and Google Penguin and he further mentioned that the update would impact nearly 40% of the sites and queries which represents just half of the websites that are referenced on Google. The Mobile Friendly update will be launched on 21 April, Google announced that everyone should be prepared, as this will mess up a lot of sites in the rankings.

From the first announcement, Google announced the importance of the impact on this update. However, one must weigh the impact by saying that only cover the mobile version of Google search, but all sites are affected in one way or another.

The update Panda concerned only 12% of the sites, but it creates a tidal wave that swept away many sites. The Penguin update has affected 4% of queries and yet, many sites have fallen in the rankings.

This update will be launched simultaneously in all countries. The goal is obviously to Google to improve the relevance of its smartphone and tablet search engine by providing users with fully compatible websites with their terminals.

If you want to make sure that your page meets the mobile-friendly criteria according to Google:

Be Prepared, prevention is better than cure….