Without vision you have no brakes – Capital isn’t scarce; vision is

by Pyxle PR on January 16, 2015

Pyxle Vision

Who has not a dream, a great idea, a great project? You may remember the famous “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King? What he said at that time was for him an image, an ideal he wanted to achieve, seeing or living in the next 10 or 50 years to follow.

You know, it should not be very surprised to see the “big” succeed because they are people who dare to do things that others would not dare do. Indeed, a vision is nothing but a crazy project that can come from even the most insignificant individual. Crazy in that no one has ever done and it comes out of the ordinary. However, there is something even more important is that vision is the ability to see what is invisible to others and might not even exist.

There is a famous story from the 1400s about a block of marble. This block was considered unnecessary, wrong and was set aside. Each sculptor who looked at him, saw him too long and too small to be sculpted. He remained there for 40 years without interest. In 1501, a young man of 26 observed this block of marble and saw something very different. He had a great vision for this block of marble. In this shapeless mass of stone that young sculptor saw the heroic beauty, grace and wonder of a man who would become famous as David. The young Michelangelo said, “I saw David in, I had only the release of the marble that had trapped”.

Recognize that you are not limited by your physical abilities or the circumstances, you are only limited by your lack of vision. A vision is not just a picture of what you want to accomplish, but it is above all a call in the depths of your being to become better.

What a difference between a person who sees a pile of rocks and a person who sees a cathedral? The vision

We are all very visual creatures, our eyes can save millions of information in seconds. Our imagination trafficking and form a three-dimensional image in three or four colors and makes this picture creative movement. Without realizing it, we all think in images. If you talk about car it will come into your mind the image of a car. Each of us has a picture of himself in his mind. We have a picture of our family, our abilities, our company and even our future. When an opinion leader is must have a vision, it is the same when we want the success of his business.

You could never be at the top of the image you have of yourself in your mind whatever the area of ​​your life.

You will always live with the image you have of yourself and you will become the person you’ve always kept in your mind. Your marriage, your career, your bank account, your health or your children will not be larger than the vision you have for them. You and your future are only limited by your ability to be a visionary. The first step towards creating a better future is to develop the ability to view it.

You can change your future by simply changing your vision.

If you have always had a morbid picture of your future, do not worry. You can always change this negative view of your picture by changing your vision of your future. When a student fails an examination, it does not always look to the future serenely. Everything seems to be unfavorable to the point where it can drop everything. If you go through such an ordeal, reconsider things by saying that this failure is not only a must, take the bull by the horns and reject all bad thoughts persecute you and make you believe that all is lost . No matter what happened, you have a perfect future. Consider only that you have a totally blank canvas on which you can paint with the colors you want the image of your future.