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Pyxle Newsletter October 2014

by admin on November 7, 2014


Pyxle Newsletter August – September 2014

by admin on October 16, 2014


Janashakthi Insurance unveils enhanced web presence

by admin on October 7, 2014

- Pyxle places the Insurance giant at digital forefront -

Sri Lanka’s pioneer in motor, non-motor and life insurance services, Janashakthi, recently enhanced its online web presence with the launch of its custom designed site ( developed by Pyxle, the nation’s provider of bespoke software solutions.

The launch of the new website reinforces Janashakthi’s commitment to provide leading edge solutions, customized to the needs their customers. The new website includes in-depth information on the Company’s transformative journey, provides details of various insurance segments, information on polices, customer services, claims and benefits.

Janashakthi’s newly transfigured online presence is intuitive and organized in an easy to use interface. Aligning their reputation as a dynamic organisation which does things differently, the site is customer centric offering easy navigation tools and dynamic content.

Commenting on the new site Shehara De Silva, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Janashakthi Insurance said “Our online visitors will have a more vibrant, seamless and informative experience. Our request to Pyxle to transform the site’s depth of content and improve navigation is remarkably reflected”.

“This new website enables us to better serve today’s consumer and positions us well for ongoing shifts in consumer technology adoption,” she added.

The new site provides several levels of new user experiences and a brand new approach to Janashakthi’s online brand. Equipped with niche based search functionality, the site offers easy to navigate product and service listing, access to E-services and a wide range of corporate information.

Implemented as a fully responsive site with accessibility via any popular device such as PC’s, tablets, phones, etc a possibility, the site also contains TV trailers and videos and is SEO/SMO (Search Engine and Social Media optimization) friendly enabling a wider audience and reach.

“The Pyxle solution delivers a web presence that enhances usability for Janashakthi customers. The new leverages technology that enables consumers to have a consistent experience regardless of how they connect to the Internet. The site content will essentially adjust to the type of device a consumer is using. In addition, the new site offers expanded product information and streamlines policies,” Oshada Senanayake, Director Operations, Pyxle.

“The site developed on a Joomla platform captures valuable information about Janashakthi services projected in one accessible location, which is consistent with their online focus on delivering services via an integrated presence,” he said.

Pyxle Newsletter July 2014

by admin on September 4, 2014


Pyxle scores with Seven Awards at 2014

by admin on August 12, 2014

Pyxle -

Pyxle, the provider of bespoke software solutions triumphed at the recently concluded National Competition 2014 winning seven distinguished awards.

Organized by LK Domain Registry, the “Best Sri Lankan Website Competition” is a highly anticipated annual event providing a platform to highlight and reward quality Sri Lankan websites and their developers. is also the only national competition which celebrates the brightest and the best Sri Lankan Websites.

This year too, Sri Lanka websites and developers showcased their unique online web presence, earning prestigious awards, certificates and the opportunity to display the ‘’ winner logo in their respective websites.

Open to all categories of organizations this competition is among the largest recognition platform for Sri Lankan websites. The rigorous process included evaluation across specific criteria, together with comprehensive peer recognition. Winners this year were chosen by a panel of judges, traffic and by public voting.

Winning a slew of accolades this year too demonstrates Pyxle’s track record as creators of next-generation software, constantly innovating and developing cutting edge products and solutions, with an overall commitment of excellence powering their customer to success.

Among the seven awards won by Pyxle included categories for Corporate Banking, Finance, Insurance, Advertising & Marketing Websites

“These awards validate our hard work in delivering advanced, innovative solutions that stand above peers in the industry,” said Presantha Jayamaha, Managing Director, Pyxle. “We are honored to receive the Silver Award for Overall Best Developer 2014 as it’s recognition that we are fulfilling our mission of exceeding the expectations of our clients, the industry and our own. We plan to continue to deliver market-leading technology to our customers through empowering our developers to create their best applications, no matter what platform or device,” he added.

Established in 2003, Pyxle has over a decade of experience in helping organizations chart their online potential offering solutions that transform businesses. Pyxle’s development team builds websites that push the envelope in terms of innovation, service and development standards.

Pyxle helps Horana Gurugoda School unleash the power of ICT education

by admin on July 18, 2014

Pyxle IT Lab donation

Gurugoda Kanishta Vidyalaya Horana, officially opened its state-of-the-art computer lab at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony. The computer lab donated by Pyxle, the country’s leader in Internet Business Solutions, is a gift to the students to equip and enhance their computer literacy skills and knowledge.

Improving IT literacy is one of Pyxle’s flagship CSR initiatives. This project aims to provide students in a rural area the opportunity to explore their own potential, to be exposed to innovative ideas and to contribute to a more productive community. Pyxle visited and reviewed several other schools and shortlisted Gurugoda KV for the presentation.

Gurugoda Vidyalaya has humble beginnings after its establishment in 1961. Several years of lack of funding witnessed a dismal population of only 54 students and 10 teachers in 2010. Together with the school administrators and effervescent principal, the course of this school changed. Today Gurogoda Vidyalaya is regarded as a model school where new ways of teaching for children are helping them to learn, grow, and thrive, helping uncover a generation of little geniuses.

The Pyxle Project was initiated with an aim of introducing the inexorable digital age to the classroom. The entire project involved converting a basic building structure into a comprehensive IT lab through the provision of comprehensive electrical wiring for the facility, a refitted ceiling, brand-new computers with a dedicated internet connection. Pyxle employees, together with school volunteers cleared and painted the structure, assembled furniture and help set up the computers.

“We want our students to be capable and competitive in the 21st Century and this computer lab will play an important role in providing our students with technological access to the information available to them beyond the classroom. Our goal is to prepare our students for their future” said School Principal Ajith Kumara.

The new lab will benefit and provide 150 students with access to the most recent technology and a high quality education. Pyxle will continue to assist the School, maintain the facility and ensure structured IT training for both the teachers and the students.

“At Pyxle we believe it is imperative to support the education and development of students in keeping with our core values of creating a better future for the community we live in. Given their limited facilities the school together with their dedicated and indefatigably Principal Ajith Kumara, has created a center of excellence, taking on the role of catalyst to expose students to better teaching methods. The IT lab will help Gurugoda Kanishta Vidyalaya connect to the global village with its vast library of knowledge. We truly foresee a brighter future for these children” noted Presantha Jayamaha, Managing Director, Pyxle.

Commenting on this realization of a long felt need, Gurugoda KV Principal said “We are truly grateful for this generous gift and offer of ongoing support from Pyxle. These computers will help our students enhance their IT skills and connect with the world. Our school mission is to foster life-long learners who will be an asset to our society and I firmly believe this lab will help us do just that.”

Pyxle Newsletter June 2014

by admin on July 15, 2014


Pyxle delivers innovative and convenient online payment portal for JF Tours

by admin on June 25, 2014


JF Tours, one Sri Lanka’s premier travel management company and provider of inbound and outbound tours recently partnered with Pyxle, the provider of benchmark internet business solutions, to deliver a world-class travel payment portal for its customers.

JF Tours, as a Company which specializes in tailor made packages strives to meet its unique customer specifications. Pyxle’s approach was to simplify payments through a smarter online platform. Through Pyxle.PAY, a new and innovative platform, offers the invoicing of clients to be carried out online, both locally and globally making payments simple and faster.

The system provides an online platform where the credit card is sufficient for clients to make necessary payments. The need to generate a bank draft or a telegraphic transfer is a thing of the past. A client simply logs into a given secure URL and makes the relevant payment depending on their invoice using their credit card. This convenient method requires no documents from the client and an easy secure method for the transfer of funds.

“Offering the Pyxle.PAY online payment application, we emphasize our commitment to serve customers through virtual payment technologies. This solution allows us to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and enhances our endeavors to best serve our customers at all times” said Pavithra Fernando, Managing Director JF Tours.

The advantages for any organization using Pyxle.PAY are numerous. There is little delay in receiving pending payments from clients and transactions are processed through the web with JF Tours equipped with a fully-fledged back end system to process and track transactions.

The Pyxle Pay Online Payment App enables any business to offer online payment facilities linked to the web portal. Pyxle.PAY can be configured with internet payment gateway with all leading banks offering seamless flexibility in choosing your preferred bank.

With several features such as real-time email alerts on all payments, a back-end administration panel, comprehensive reporting to categorize/filter payments and integrating with all major Internet Payment Gateways presents Pyxle.PAY as an also ideal for institutions such as schools and even insurance companies where regular payments are expected.

Through Pyxle.PAY, JF Tours can increase their cash flow exponentially, in addition streamline and minimize their debtor lists. With instant and secure payment options, paperwork is reduced and the need to visit the travel company for the settlement of invoices for services is no longer necessary. This allows better budgeting and the ability to grow the Company.

“We are delighted to announce JF Tours as our latest Pyxle.PAY client. We believe this virtual solution offers JF Tours a flexible, secure and efficient payment system for their customers, providing them the necessary tools to meet their business objective of efficient payments and drive customer satisfaction.” said, Oshada Senanayake, Director Operations, Pyxle.

“We have once again proved Pyxle’s promise of bespoke business solutions with the Pyxle Payment Portal. This tailor-made solution for JF Tours offers the organization the creation of a streamlined online revenue channel as well as a value addition from a client perspective in terms of a globally accessible payment mode for effortless payments for services” he noted.

Pyxle Newsletter May 2014

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Pyxle Newsletter April 2014

by admin on May 6, 2014