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Monthly Newsletter – January 2016

by Pyxle PR on January 29, 2016

Pyxle Newsletter (January 2016)

This 2016, Pyxle looks forward to expand its reach of award winning excellence in web and software development in Sri Lanka.

by Pyxle PR on January 21, 2016

With yet another successful year gone by upon completing projects for web design and development, social media management and SEO in Sri Lanka, our team of qualified experts and futurists are envisioning to continue delivering superior value to our clientele, while also taking strides to delve into international markets and reach a pinnacle in the arena of ICT and digital advertising solutions.

With a forward thinking focus on the year ahead, the completion of an extensive array of projects during the previous one has provided our team an improved level of industry standard experience. This has thereby offered us key competencies in offering top-class web and software solutions in any market sector, while also leading to recognition on a national level. What’s more, the achievement of being an award winning web development company in Sri Lanka furthermore provided our workforce to surge ahead more confidently this 2016.

As Pyxle was accredited by for being one of the leading companies for web development in Sri Lanka, our clients’ websites also won numerous awards owing to effective digital strategies that helped elevate their presence over the online front. The official website of Sampath Bank PLC was one such example, which won the award for the Most Popular Website in the Banking and Finance category for the year 2015.

Being the only ISO certified company for web design in Sri Lanka, all our business operations are audited quarterly to ensure optimum quality in what we deliver to our clientele, guaranteeing premium solutions that are fast, efficient and reliable. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Acunetix (which is one of the world’s leading Web Security Scanning providers) furthermore assure top notch web and e-commerce in Sri Lanka and abroad, making our services benchmarked to attain maximum online engagement and drive active revenue channels for any business via the Web.

Monthly Newsletter – November/December 2015

by Pyxle PR on December 31, 2015


Pyxle.Pay – a unique Online Invoicing solution that’s simple, fast and secure.

by Pyxle PR on November 12, 2015

Has there actually been a decline in today’s rates of paying with the good old note and coin? Quite frankly so, as Techradar reports numerous statistics where transactions barely seem to involve the exchange of liquid cash, with online transfers instead taking centre stage in due course. While more and more people are jumping into the bandwagon of being digitally connected via the Web, how is the conventional online business apt to gain a competitive edge that ensures thorough, seamless payment transfers and reduced debtor lists?

Bearing prime importance to facilitate Credit Card transactions, Pyxle.Pay has been specifically fortified for the payment of services such as Tour Packages, along with recurring payments such as utility bills, rentals, insurance premiums and other similar payment schemes. Up until now, this has been one of Pyxle’s premier products that drives optimum functional use towards providing comprehensive online invoicing solutions – which also includes reporting features such as Pending Payments, Invoice Transaction History and the like.


Pyxle.PAY Logo


Here’s how it works, and it’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3:

  1. An Admin can generate an invoice from the back-end management system, which can then be sent to the client via e-mail,
  2. Once the client is alerted with a unique payment link, he/she can proceed to make the transaction as guided upon clicking on this link,
  3. Payments can be made by Credit and Debit Cards via a secure Internet Payment Gateway that is connected to all major banks.



Pyxle.PAY Dashboard Snippet



What makes Pyxle.Pay innovative is its tendency to provide transactions that are much more secure than traditional payment systems which directly prompt users to key in their card details; as payment links are sent to a user’s e-mail, this in itself verifies his/her identity and use of the platform first-hand, before proceeding towards making a transaction. Other advantages include the ability to analyse cash flows and other payment patterns through an interactive dashboard system, thereby paving way for ultimate versatility in following up with payments that are pending.

Having served some of Sri Lanka’s leading business entities during the past few years, the Pyxle.Pay Payment Processing System has been a favoured choice for integrating efficacious payment solutions time and time again. If you have any questions regarding this product, please get in touch with us now and we will be happy to respond to your queries.

Monthly Newsletter – October 2015

by Pyxle PR on November 2, 2015

Pyxle Newsletter - October 2015

Pyxle awarded country partner for Acunetix, the world’s leading Online Security Product

by Pyxle PR on October 26, 2015

Renowned the world over for its effective capabilities in enhancing the security ratios of websites and web apps today, Acunetix integrates state-of-the-art scanning and analytical methodologies to ensure that Web portals today adhere to the latest standards of being safe and secure from increasing online vulnerabilities.




Trusted by some of the world’s most leading and reputed organizations such as NASA, Sony and HSBC, Acunetix utilizes cutting edge SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting and Networks Scanning to detect any vulnerabilities that regular Firewalls or SSLs cannot detect, thereby eradicating the potential of any hacking, phishing and spam attacks. What’s more, its efficacious AcuSensor technology helps lower the rate of false positives, as it has the profound ability to comprehensively monitor code while it is in execution.

Whether your site is hosted upon a CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla! or any other similar portal, or it is a custom-made range of webpages, Acunetix gets a thorough analysis completed over a wide range of security-related issues all Thanks to new-age crawling methodologies for sites regardless of the programming language it is developed in.

What with an entire global population now connected online, websites, web apps and anything else in between when it comes to the digital world is in use by the masses – and therefore liabilities of risk for all these online assets has also proportionately increased. Therefore, epitomised online security is imperative as it will also reflect upon your site’s overall user-operability, and in turn – your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness to all entities who are affiliated with your organization.

Joining hands with this globally acclaimed Web Security provider, Pyxle is now able to offer Online Security testing services for any Website or Web Solution in Sri Lanka that synergises cutting-edge technical know-how most resourcefully. Have a website or web app that you would like scanned to ensure its maximum security and potency? Talk to us now to know how we can conduct a Security Scan with Acunetix’s empowering analytical features.


Logos for Acunetix Update Article - October 2015


Monthly Newsletter – September 2015

by Pyxle PR on October 2, 2015

Monthly Newsletter - September 2015

Pyxle’s Web team launches yet another benchmark Web portal for We Love Music, of Yamaha fame.

by Pyxle PR on September 30, 2015

Now in the industry of supplying musical instruments and accessories from world leading brand Yamaha to Sri Lankans for almost a century, Yamaha Music Corp. by Mike C. along with collaborative enterprise Mike Audio has recently established the Website for their all-new flagship, We Love Music, on the 4th of September – another outstanding addition to our portfolio of successfully completed Web projects, and still counting.

Available for access at, the brand offers a wide range of musical instruments for sale along with professional audio equipment for a variety of occasions, as well as home theatre systems to its target clientele. While the site’s prime goal is to achieve a comprehensive showcase of its complete Product and Service specialties, various Sociable niches of content such as a dedicated Musician’s Corner which consists of Jam Sessions and Events has also been integrated in order to drive optimum customer engagement and variety amidst this online frontier.

While such socially oriented content helps to create an in-depth user experience, the Website also utilizes a Mobile Responsive Design and cutting-edge Internet Infrastructure to further streamline compatibility for users. With the latest Design Concepts, Optimized Digital Content and concise organizational attributes that offer searching of instruments by Brand or by Category, the Website has been made even more ergonomic to cater to today’s fast-paced, sharp internet user amidst diverse geographical boundaries.

To check out this Website and its fresh new look which has been delivered by our dynamic and strategic team here at Pyxle, please visit We Love Music at



Google rolls out yet another refreshing logo, but this time – with more changes applied to its Search results and Now cards.

by Pyxle PR on September 17, 2015

During its 20 years or so of being a constant companion for all of us as we made use of the World Wide Web, Search Engine giant Google Inc. has been the de facto Search Engine for most of us hitherto. Whether its working for a school project or simply searching for a new game to pass time away with, there’s no doubt about the fact that this Search medium has transformed the way we perceive the internet, let alone make use of it.


Come the 1st of September, Kai Conragan, chief Product Designer at the corporation revealed that an all-new look to the company’s brand, including icons shall be gradually showcased over the desktop and beyond, including a variety of mediums such as tablets and smartphones. Plus, this particular motif is due to be moving on to other niches of Google as well, such as Google+, Maps, News etc. This captivating change has also been applied to the Google App over Android, further streamlining this strategy to a level that’s more holistic overall.


What’s more, Google has strived to also make this rebranding effort more ergonomic and efficacious, thereby enhancing the results of items as they are searched over the platform. This includes a combination of websites, images and various other forms of multimedia over one webpage, which can conveniently be swiped and tapped upon to be revealed and directed over. Now cards have also been improved in terms of categorization, which means that the inclusion of categories shall make it more user-friendly to exactly find what you were seeking for, and cards will change size and move up or down your screen depending on how urgent they are.

                      nexus2cee_now-09012015   nexus2cee_search-09012015

With these multi-dimensional transformations now implemented over a simple search on Google, a combination of text, images, videos and related content suggestions remind us of a traditional News Feed over any Social Network – of course with this being more customized to suit what we would’ve entered along the search bar! In addition to this, Google Inc. has also pointed out that the current logos and icons have been designed to cater towards a wide array of screen dimensions, thereby delivering a logo and icon range that is responsive.
Another lesser known fact about this new logo is that it is also improved in terms of being a lighter file than its former counterpart; with the former Google logo having been up to 14,000 bytes that obviously needs to be downloaded once a user keys in the domain, the current logo stands at a wispy 305 bytes – making it seamlessly easy for those who use data plans conservatively to further be a part of using Google more often in third-world countries such as India, as well as China.
As this article sheds more light upon this Search Engine giant, Pyxle has also been involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over Google, helping elevate the ranks of its client websites with the likes of Google Analytics and Google Adwords in order to generate steady flows of organic traffic and substantial revenues from the online frontier.


Pyxle develops an all-new intuitive website for Union Assurance General Limited.

by Pyxle PR on July 6, 2015

Pyxle recently developed a highly intuitive,modern and responsive website including customer-friendly features for Union Assurance General Limited (UAG), the recently segregated arm of Union Assurance (

Highlighting their new business model, the new website is UAG’s ongoing endeavour to simplify insurance information and portray its own product portfolio.

The new website reflects a clean design with a user-friendly layout and easy navigation structure, making it effortless for policyholders to gain easy access to information about its products and services. The main feature of the entire platform that makes this possible is an interactive ‘virtual house’ that acts as a creative guide; by means of a few clicks depending on what what a user is searching for, captivating imagery and dynamic captions reveal relevant information about UAG’s products and services, taking each user by the hand to thereby determine what exactly is most appropriate for him/her.

“We understand the importance of serving our customers’ insurance needs when it matters most,” said Clement Fernandopulle, General Manager IT at UAG. “Our new site is designed to be our customers’ first stop for insurance; information, solutions and insight. Its expanded focus allows us to offer best-in-class online support to meet our customers’ needs.”

The solution is a fully-fledged mobile enabled website with multi-lingual features, a clear categorization of products under UA General i.e. Motor, Home, Travel, Marine, etc. In addition, an interactive ‘Need based’ feature was incorporated to facilitate users to find their ‘Best Fit’ insurance package by directly addressing their unique needs.


Second from left: Mr. Sanjeew Perera (Head of Marketing, Pyxle) / Third from left: Mr. Oshada Senanayake (Manager Operations, Pyxle) / Second from right: Mr. Clement Fernandopulle, (General Manager of IT, UAG).

The website also offers customers detailed product information online and at their fingertips without having to visit a branch. A novel feature is the ‘Call Back’ concierge service, allowing customers to request an insurance agent contact them for further inquiries.

“Our goal was to provide a valuable resource in one location to help consumers make informed insurance decisions. Pyxle has developed our newly branded website enabling us to keep our existing customer base aware of company news and new developments whilst helping attract new clients.”

The new website not only provides comprehensive product information, but it also offers online users the ability to manage their accounts, check claim status, obtain policy information, and download claim forms with ease. More importantly, the website aims to educate and provide relevant information about supplemental insurance products while giving customers a positive online experience.

“The new design strongly portrays the UAG brand, while enabling the organization to better serve today’s consumer and position itself well for ongoing shifts in consumer technology adoption. By coupling a multi-device presence we are not only delivering an ideal customer experience, but offering a truly integrated presence that will deliver results.” said Oshada Senanayake, Director of Operations at Pyxle.

Source: The Daily News. To view the original article please click here.