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Empowering the next generation of cyber gaming: Pyxle at the Mercantile e-Sports Championship 2016

by Pyxle PR on August 19, 2016

Pyxle joined hands with earlier this month for being the official digital service provider for its Mercantile e-Sports Championship event. A tournament that saw 28 IT corporations taking part, Pyxle captured the exhilaration via live social media coverage as teams battled it out over games such as Dota 2, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, FIFA 16, Mortal Kombat X and Project Cars.  With the event displaying so much camaraderie, all of this was brought to life over the digital front by our team of strategists who were on-call throughout the event.

IMG_5190_edited IMG_5279_edited

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Key elements of the campaign included professional photography and live updates, all of which were carried out as and when activities were taking place. Our team also conducted a variety of interviews, giving gamers and spectators the chance to voice their thoughts on the up and coming industry of e-Sports in the country. Last but not the least, our Pyxlites executed a multi-faceted coverage – while participating themselves! Five of them battled it out for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, thereby contributing to more excitement in due course of the event.

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MEC-Interview---MC-and-N IMG_5292_edited

Organised by, the Mercantile e-Sports Championship 2016 was geared by a fraternity of cyber gaming enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. Equally committed to sharing their passion of gaming, this community has been giving discerning gamers who have a competitive streak the opportunity to officially contest against fellow gamers, across the country. has also brought gaming fans the immensely popular Sri Lanka Cyber Games, which has been the biggest thus far in the arena of cyber gaming islandwide.


Are you keeping track of what others are saying about your brand?

by Pyxle PR on August 11, 2016

Now, social listening tools assist business owners to monitor brand sentiments real-time, over the digital front.

Today, social media management isn’t just about devising strategies, launching campaigns and evaluating the number of likes and comments received by a post. Reaching your customers when they mention your brand and interacting with them is essential to determine brand sentiments, while also proactively addressing key concerns.

Listening and engaging with your audience outside your target campaign(s) or hashtag(s) is a challenge. Therefore, being able to listen into conversations over social media where users haven’t mentioned your official brand name/handle/hashtag (basically what notifies you that you are being spoken of) proves the true versatility of social listening tools. By gauging how customers feel about your brand, you can gain the edge to also make informed decisions for key business areas such as marketing and product development, in the future.

Social listening tools therefore enable brands to create a unanimous link between consumers, and help bridge that gap when it comes to connecting and engaging. In turn, this leads to better understanding of brand perception, as well as brand management.

Social listening tools assist brands in 2 key scenarios, which are:

1.   Negative situations: you can execute steadfast reputation management in the event a negative comment or post is made about your brand, even if an official handle/hashtag isn’t used and you aren’t notified.

2.   Proactive marketing: feeding social listening tools specific keywords can reveal who is talking about something which your brand can potentially offer, and directly make suggestions or advertise your products/services to them.


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Social listening tools aren’t confined to social media networks alone; blogs, websites, forums and review sites are also scanned to reveal insights about who has been saying what about your brand, when, where and why. Additionally, various advanced social listening platforms process data from findings to determine ROI. In other words, the final report can tell you how many of your followers have been converted to customers.

Certain social media networks such as Facebook limit social listening tools to track all conversations, due to its privacy policy in maintaining confidentiality for users. However, value-added attributes such as those mentioned above make social listening feel more than just a means of staying on par with your target audience’s impression of your brand. With the ability to offer compelling business intelligence through digital media, being absent from social listening can alienate customers and reduce credibility associated with your brand.

Unlike times gone by when customers approached brands, the current era of customer engagement needs to be initiated by brands themselves, by reaching out to its audience and proactively conversing with them. So it’s not difficult to see that the next generation of customer support and engagement will be over digital. As a brand, being equipped with the right ammunition is what will help you rise up to the challenge!

Thinking of applying social listening tools to your digital marketing efforts? Allow us to guide you on how you can make the best use of these sophisticated features for optimum perception building and online reputation management.

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Monthly Newsletter – July 2016

by Pyxle PR on July 29, 2016


Pyxle delivers an impressionable web presence for MTD Walkers PLC

by Pyxle PR on July 29, 2016

The Pyxle Portfolio this month has unveiled concise usability engineering, iterative design and interaction models over its latest project for MTD Walkers PLC. With comprehensive user analytics and subsequent high-fidelity prototypes to suit desktop, tablet and smartphone, the final user-centric design has achieved the right balance between approachability and corporate appeal.

MTD Walkers - Pyxle (July 2016)

The business conglomerate’s extensive sector, project, client and sustainability base has been organised such that all information is presented at a glance, while staying in line with the organisation’s objectives to feature a layout that is contemporary and amiable.

Visit the MTD Walkers website at

Digital Media Buying – Leveraging Ad Impressions for Brands Online

by Pyxle PR on July 21, 2016

And why choose Pyxle for this purpose.

Increased and frequent usage of digital media strongly implicates a rising demand of online real estate. As a business owner or marketer, have you capitalised on this digital real estate for your brands and services?

Leading websites in Sri Lanka have proven to provide high conversion rates for advertising. Pyxle now offers digital media buying services to deliver a complete digital media package, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

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Going on 14: Pyxle celebrates another year as a benchmark digital solutions and software offshoring provider

by Pyxle PR on July 15, 2016

The first day of July was abound with motivation, inspiration and passion, as Pyxle concluded another successful year. Our entire team of staff reminisced achievements made and relationships nurtured, with insightful talks and words of appreciation.


Last but never the least, the delights on the centre table brought a smile to everyone’s faces, making this birthday feel all the more cherishing!




Pyxle Birthday (July 2016) - Coaster



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