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Pyxle develops an all-new intuitive website for Union Assurance General Limited.

by Seo Pyxle on July 6, 2015

Pyxle recently developed a highly intuitive,modern and responsive website including customer-friendly features for Union Assurance General Limited (UAG), the recently segregated arm of Union Assurance (

Highlighting their new business model, the new website is UAG’s ongoing endeavour to simplify insurance information and portray its own product portfolio.

The new website reflects a clean design with a user-friendly layout and easy navigation structure, making it effortless for policyholders to gain easy access to information about its products and services. The main feature of the entire platform that makes this possible is an interactive ‘virtual house’ that acts as a creative guide; by means of a few clicks depending on what what a user is searching for, captivating imagery and dynamic captions reveal relevant information about UAG’s products and services, taking each user by the hand to thereby determine what exactly is most appropriate for him/her.

“We understand the importance of serving our customers’ insurance needs when it matters most,” said Clement Fernandopulle, General Manager IT at UAG. “Our new site is designed to be our customers’ first stop for insurance; information, solutions and insight. Its expanded focus allows us to offer best-in-class online support to meet our customers’ needs.”

The solution is a fully-fledged mobile enabled website with multi-lingual features, a clear categorization of products under UA General i.e. Motor, Home, Travel, Marine, etc. In addition, an interactive ‘Need based’ feature was incorporated to facilitate users to find their ‘Best Fit’ insurance package by directly addressing their unique needs.


Second from left: Mr. Sanjeew Perera (Head of Marketing, Pyxle) / Third from left: Mr. Oshada Senanayake (Manager Operations, Pyxle) / Second from right: Mr. Clement Fernandopulle, (General Manager of IT, UAG).

The website also offers customers detailed product information online and at their fingertips without having to visit a branch. A novel feature is the ‘Call Back’ concierge service, allowing customers to request an insurance agent contact them for further inquiries.

“Our goal was to provide a valuable resource in one location to help consumers make informed insurance decisions. Pyxle has developed our newly branded website enabling us to keep our existing customer base aware of company news and new developments whilst helping attract new clients.”

The new website not only provides comprehensive product information, but it also offers online users the ability to manage their accounts, check claim status, obtain policy information, and download claim forms with ease. More importantly, the website aims to educate and provide relevant information about supplemental insurance products while giving customers a positive online experience.

“The new design strongly portrays the UAG brand, while enabling the organization to better serve today’s consumer and position itself well for ongoing shifts in consumer technology adoption. By coupling a multi-device presence we are not only delivering an ideal customer experience, but offering a truly integrated presence that will deliver results.” said Oshada Senanayake, Director of Operations at Pyxle.

Source: The Daily News. To view the original article please click here.

Union Assurance General launches its official website that has been exclusively developed by Pyxle

by admin on May 27, 2015

Union Assurance General (UAG) the recently acquired arm of Fairfax Asia Ltd has launched their novel and very much state-of-the-art website that has been dynamically designed and developed by Pyxle.

As one of the very few General insurance companies to announce the readiness of a separate website post the Life/General segregations, UAG has once again endeavoured to bring convenience to the fingertips of its customers.

The customer-centric, user-friendly and refined website is indeed one that brings a whole new perspective to the UAG product portfolio.

The website incorporates a number of unique features from a picturesque layout, a product wizard that assists the customer in choosing the most appropriate insurance solution, branch locators that direct you to the nearest branch from wherever you are along with online purchases, renewals and payment facilities to an illustration of the claim procedure and claim forms readily available for download. It’s very evident that UAG has taken upon itself to ensure that its brand values of trust, transparency and respect have been met.

Media Gallery - UAG

Mr. Clement Fernandopulle, General Manager of IT at UAG.

Mr. Fernandopulle stated “The new website was designed in a manner that would provide customers easy navigation through our product portfolio while simultaneously delivering a vibrant web experience” The new website is now up and running in all three languages and can be accessed through any electronic device with fully functioning online payment facilities.

“We are proud to be among the first few general insurance companies with its own website. With consumers significantly relying on smart phones and tabs for their daily transactions it is only sensible for us to ensure that our customers have ready access to our services online” conveyed Nihal Handunge, General Manager of Marketing and Distribution. The website can now be accessed over

Pyxle drives UAE based Hassani Group strategic web presence

by admin on May 27, 2015

Hassani Group of Companies, one of the most prestigious and fastest growing global conglomerates in the Middle Eastern region operating in over 70 countries, officially launched its global web portal closely aligned with the company’s strategic vision for growth.

Expanding on its global footprint in strategic web solutions, Pyxle, Sri Lanka’s premier internet solutions provider was engaged as the strategic web partner for Hassani Group to launch the new website which captures the essence of the company, including its diverse business verticals that include industrial manufacturing to trading and distribution across the globe. Designed and developed by Pyxle, the new web portal features the subtle use of the latest design concepts, optimised digital content and performance optimised to cater to diverse geographies with varied internet infrastructure for ease of access to information. The new site also utilises a mobile responsive design and is accessible on mobile and tablet devices with diverse screen resolutions and sizes, creating a more in-depth user experience. Showcasing Hassani’s corporate and global presence – the divisions and subsidiaries, the new site creates further awareness of its wide range of products offerings and the impact these have on people around the globe.

Media Centre - Hassani

From left: Charaka Perera, Head of Business Asia, EU/US & Africa, Hassani Group with Pyxle’s Oshada Senanayake, Director Operations and Sanjeew Perera – Head of Marketing

Hassani’s five major focus business categories; Trading and Distribution, Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Retail and Services and Real Estate and Contracting are now displayed in one web presence.

“We recognise the web as a key tool in the further growth of the company, linking the global markets to prosperity,” said Hassani Group Head of Business Asia, EU/US and Africa Charaka Perera. “Our goal in launching this new website is to provide a more access point and online resource for companies and individuals to learn more about our company and product solutions, and also to take visitors through a timeline of country history.”

Commenting on the company’s reason for selecting Pyxle as its digital solution provider, he noted, “We chose Pyxle as we wanted a truly differentiated digital experience that today’s consumers expect. The flexible approach to articulate concepts especially by understanding the client’s mindset is a unique facet in the Pyxle team. Understanding the corporate culture and governance in a company overseas is a key to formulating design plans. The support extended by the Pyxle Team must truly be commended.”

Understanding Hassani Group’s core requirement Pyxle has brought its cutting-edge skills and experience to this initiative – combining deep industry knowledge, technology expertise and a global track record for delivering digital transformation projects.

“Our unique technology capabilities coupled with best practices garnered over a decade of providing strategic solutions for corporates had a significant impact on offering the Hassani Group a truly digital web presence,” noted Pyxle Director Operations Oshada Senanayake. “With its new corporate web presence, Hassani Group is better positioned to turn its digital presence into a key channel to leverage for further aggressive growth across its diverse interests,” Senanayake added.

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Will the Mobile Friendly algorithm be more powerful than Panda and Penguin??

by Seo Pyxle on March 20, 2015



The impact of the updated Mobile Friendly algorithm will have more impact than Panda and Penguin, as it will affect nearly 40% of the sites.

Zineb Ait Bahajji, one of the team members Webmaster Trends, said during the SMX Munich the next Google algorithm on the Mobile Friendly will have more ‘impact than updates to Google Panda and Google Penguin and he further mentioned that the update would impact nearly 40% of the sites and queries which represents just half of the websites that are referenced on Google. The Mobile Friendly update will be launched on 21 April, Google announced that everyone should be prepared, as this will mess up a lot of sites in the rankings.

From the first announcement, Google announced the importance of the impact on this update. However, one must weigh the impact by saying that only cover the mobile version of Google search, but all sites are affected in one way or another.

The update Panda concerned only 12% of the sites, but it creates a tidal wave that swept away many sites. The Penguin update has affected 4% of queries and yet, many sites have fallen in the rankings.

This update will be launched simultaneously in all countries. The goal is obviously to Google to improve the relevance of its smartphone and tablet search engine by providing users with fully compatible websites with their terminals.

If you want to make sure that your page meets the mobile-friendly criteria according to Google:

Be Prepared, prevention is better than cure….

“Tell me about yourself?” – Pyxle Icebreaker of the Week

by Seo Pyxle on March 16, 2015

pyxle team

Kasun Sanjeewa – Senior Web Designer



Why did you join Pyxle and how long have you been with the Pyxle Family?

“I joined Pyxle to have a virtuous future as a designer. I have completed 1.5 years with loads of great experience and challenges at Pyxle”

What motivates you to come to work every day?

“For me, it’s the motive of Art and new creations”

What do you think about the Pyxle culture?

“It is very flexible and friendly”

Most interesting person in Pyxle and why?

“There is no specific person, everyone at Pyxle are interesting”

Most unforgettable moment at Pyxle?

“The day I got the best designers Award is the most unforgettable moment at Pyxle, this was in 2013 at the Pyxle Night”

What do you think about the Pyxle working environment and why do you think a fun working environment is important?

“Working environment at Pyxle is awesome. Performing as a designer need a peaceful mind and a relaxed environment so having a fun working environment helps for better outputs.”


History of Google Algorithm Updates – Part I

by Seo Pyxle on March 12, 2015

SEO Sri Lanka

Google’s algorithm keeps changing about 500-600 times each year and most of these changes are minor and facts revealed little change. As against some of these updates such as Google Panda and Google Penguin has had significant results in the SERP.  Now, let’s review the history of changes in Google algorithms, and this article covers the updates occurred between 2000-2010.

Google algorithm Updates – 2000-2010

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“Tell me about yourself?” – Pyxle Icebreaker of the Week

by Seo Pyxle on March 6, 2015

Social Media

Gethmini Gooneratne – Social Media Executive

AKA: “G”/ Gethminion/Mini/


Why did you join Pyxle and how long have you been with the Pyxle Family?

“I joined the Pyxle family to expand my career in social media marketing. It has been a wonderful 1.5 years, “but feels like yesterday…” ”

What motivates you to come to work every day?

“Salary!! Kidding… (LOL). Actually it’s the type of work I do, everyday there is something new we learn”

What do you think about the Pyxle culture?

“It is very flexible”

Most interesting person in Pyxle and why?

I would say it’s everyone in the Pyxle Family, but mainly its Rameesh and Chrishan who leaves me clueless…”

Most unforgettable moment at Pyxle?

“I have two remarkable events, one is the Pyxle Aurudu festival and the other one is the Pyxle Christmas tree competition (Facebook likes battle)”

What do you think about the Pyxle working environment and why do you think a fun working environment is important?

“Pyxle environment is fun and flexible. A fun working environment makes you feel that the time is too short and it doesn’t make you feel that you have been working for “8 hours” ”

“Tell me about yourself?” – Pyxle Icebreaker of the Week

by Seo Pyxle on February 28, 2015


Chrishan – Social Media Executive

AKA : (Chrishanii/ D J)


Why did you join Pyxle and how long have you been with the Pyxle Family?

“I joined as a trainee web developer right after college to apply my knowledge on a practical context. I have almost completed 2.5 years with Pyxle “

What motivates you to come to work every day?

“My girlfriendS

What do you think about the Pyxle culture?

“In one word I would say it is “Relaxed””

Most interesting person in Pyxle and why?

“Ruveen, because of the way he parties! “nuff said”

Most unforgettable moment at Pyxle?

“It is the 2012 Pyxle Christmas party where I got the honor to be the “MC” (master of the Ceremony)”

What do you think about the Pyxle working environment and why do you think a fun working environment is important?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Pyxle Newsletter January 2015

by admin on February 25, 2015


Software development and the modern world development

by Seo Pyxle on February 20, 2015

software developement Sri lanka


There are numerous modern software development methods employed today which significantly improves productivity, quality of work, and different stakeholder satisfaction. Moreover software development plays an increasingly important role in a company’s continued sustainability. Similarly with the wide range of available software options, users now have varied choices.

Among the software developments, important in modern world development is application maintenance and enhancements. This is crucial to an Organization as it helps create applications whilst meeting development needs and reducing system costs. This must be carried throughout the entire lifecycle of software development and maintenance including enhancements. Application development, maintenance and web development helps clients remain rapidly adapt to changing market forces and consumer buying behavior.

Platform Migration also helps companies keep up with the rapid changes in the mobile space. Especially, when the need to upgrade from legacy platforms to strategic ones arises or when necessary cross-platform porting or for migration. Companies which have extensive software development experience in leading platforms from desktop, to web, to mobile can help businesses efficiently increase the reach of their solutions. This can be done through Android, Windows Phone, and even the mobile web. Also companies require platform migration software tools and services to support the transformation journey towards a cost effective platform.  Companies engaged in this can offer solutions which deliver demonstrable improvements and project successes.

In modern world development, software product development help organizations create the next generation software, cut costs and shorten new product time-to-market while ensuring greater innovation, higher quality, and newer features being released. Through software product development the entire product lifecycle can be developed in-house and if differentiated will score high on performance, security, maintainability and scalability. Moreover, software products can be rapidly developed on-time and within budgets, delivering top-of-the-line products for customers.

In today’s tech-savvy world mobile application development is imperative for modern world development. Companies should partner with a cost-effective team that is capable of designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps. Developers should have in-depth knowledge of major platforms or frameworks being used for mobile application development. Dedicated developers, designers, and creative engineers are necessary to provide on-demand capacity meeting clients’ tight deadlines and challenges necessary to succeed in the marketplace. Moreover these designers rapidly build, test, package and publish mobile apps removing the need for Organizations to maintain multiple developer toolkits, languages and methodologies.

Mobility is key phrase in the modern world development, and has impacted the world of enterprise. The wide circulation and accessibility of smartphones and tablets have resulted in employees, customers and consumers embracing the mobile future. It is therefore critical that organizations leverage mobility to unlock further engagement with their customers and in turn develop custom software solutions. Companies now require a long-term view of mobile strategy with technologies turning towards easier and efficient app development. In order to meet market demands, building and using an open and flexible platform helps developers leverage their current IT assets drawing existing resources for future mobile apps. As market needs evolve, these capabilities will be key to building complex mobile apps and keeping up to-date with user expectations.