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Monthly Newsletter – November/December 2016

by Pyxle PR on December 22, 2016

It was celebration in disguise for our Pyxlites this festive season, with a Masquerade themed party!

by Pyxle PR on December 21, 2016

Donned in their most anonymous yet elegant personas, our staff gathered to enjoy the year-end party dress earlier this month. Held at Best Western Colombo, the Masquerade theme inspired colorful ensembles and glitzy masks to grace the occasion.

On this night, everyone took the opportunity to reminisce all the wonderful memories made, while rewarding those who had shown outstanding work performance during the course of this year.

Bridesmaid dresses

Lastly, the celebrations weren’t complete without some interesting games that were lined up for all!

To see more, please visit our Facebook album for all the photos!


Pyxle partakes in gaining knowledge about actionable insights in the world of digital marketing, at the Google Partner’s Night 2016

by Pyxle PR on December 20, 2016

An exclusive event that was open to key members of the digital industry, the Google Partner’s Night was held during late November. Organised by Google India, the seminar aimed to shed light on the prospects of a swiftly evolving internet landscape and how businesses could take advantage of this opportunity to reach more potential customers worldwide.

Being some of the special invitees, representatives of Pyxle were present to gain insights into the dynamics of today’s digital marketing standards through engaging discussions and conferences that were held at the event.


Pyxle (Pvt) Limited extends its software offshoring reach with the launch of Pyxle Global

by Pyxle PR on December 19, 2016

Serving companies worldwide with a range of services across the development, testing, support and maintenance of scalable software, Pyxle has challenged the status quo to go beyond its current digital horizons. With the introduction of Pyxle Global, the brand aims to provide extended office capabilities and staff augmentation to assist in the global delivery requirements of any business.

The launch of its all-new website helps reinforce the message furthermore, with brand repositioning that features a client-centric approach for understanding and integrating well-tailored software solutions. The overall concept has been brought to life through animated vector-based character layouts which have been developed with Sass, along with multi-device compatibility.

Please visit the Pyxle Global website at

Luxury resort chain Heritance Hotels reveals its ‘Heritance Destinations’ concept with a site that has been developed by Pyxle

by Pyxle PR on November 8, 2016


As the ‘Heritance Destinations’ concept was brought to life over the web front by Pyxle, adhering to its guidelines to consolidate many of the hotel’s websites was a challenge well met. Dynamic layouts were created with captivating imagery, booking integrations and real-time Social Media portals.  Aspects that would attract users’ attention such as offers and promotions were made to be the focal point, further enhancing the UX quotient of the website.

Please visit the Heritance Hotels website at 

Monthly Newsletter – October 2016

by Pyxle PR on October 28, 2016


Pyxle’s competencies cater to the Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, giving its website a complete overhaul

by Pyxle PR on October 28, 2016


The brand new web platform for Commercial Bank was developed based on analysis of how users engaged with the bank’s previous site. Concise analytics assisted our team to determine an approach for finding information that worked in accordance to the individual needs of each user. This included giving users the ability personalise their journey over the website by customising their own landing pages and marking favourites on-site.

The position and placement of every graphic element has been integral for contributing to a fluid and animated design that seamlessly works across any device. Pyxle has also enabled the bank to take the articulation of its product and service portfolio a notch above by providing comprehensive details about each product/service prior to recommending it to users. Other important information such as interest rates are available at a glance, thereby helping users to better determine whether a product/service is suitable for them or not.

Please visit the Commercial Bank website at

The first Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup kick-started with a training session on Google AdWords

by Pyxle PR on October 27, 2016


The Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup has been conceptualised by Pyxle to gather aspiring digital marketers from the Sri Lankan community. The recently formed fraternity attracted over 45 participants at the inaugural training session that it conducted for beginners, on the 20th of this month.





Powered by Google and Google Business Groups (GBG) Sri Lanka in partnership with Pyxle, the training session was prepared and led by Danushki Perera, Head of iMarketing at Pyxle. Focusing on the fundamentals of Google AdWords, the session also addressed how various ad campaigns could be applied to businesses. Talks ended with practical assignments on how to successfully create search and display ads.





Recognising the demand for up-to-date skills in fields such as SEO and search engine marketing, Pyxle envisions to establish an active digital marketing community in the country. The Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup has therefore been a key strategy to develop career paths and competencies in digital marketing, by organising insightful training sessions. The Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup plans on continuing similar editions in the future and welcomes enthusiasts from any industry to take part.


For the latest happenings on the Colombo Digital Marketers Meetup, join us on our Meetup page to stay updated!


Interactive digital banking solutions from Pyxle – revolutionising the way Sri Lankans do their banking

by Pyxle PR on October 24, 2016


Pyxle has been, and continues to be an integral partner for delivering digital strategies to 4 leading banks in Sri Lanka. With our background of conceptualising futuristic solutions for the banking and finance sector, we have recognised the growing need for customised, accessible banking that goes beyond the traditional, in-person concept.

Our forte in world-class software development is now being diversified to cater to omnichannel digital banking solutions, by way of interactive banking kiosks. These kiosks can assist even the most remote locations in being equipped with a full range of banking services, where every unit shall be seamlessly connected to a centralised banking centre that operates 24/7.

Customers can perform any service with one-on-one assistance from a bank representative via video call, just like they would if they were at the bank. This thereby preserves the convenience of offering individual support to each customer, with the added benefit of confidentiality and the ability to bank anywhere, anytime.

To know more about these services, please get in touch with us today by calling us on 0115 355 366 or by sending us an e-mail at

Pyxle to expand its business presence in Europe by strengthening current and prospective networks

by Pyxle PR on October 21, 2016


Consisting of a robust local and international portfolio, Pyxle aims to go beyond its present landscape by expanding its operations furthermore on a global scale. With a network successfully in operation in Canada, Malaysia and Sweden, we are striving to extend our market presence by reinforcing current partnerships and forging future ones during the coming month.

Sessions will comprise of a roadshow in Germany, along with participation at the Hightech Summit that is due to happen on the 8th of November at Stuttgart. This shall give us the chance to network with large-scale corporations as well as tech start-ups for emphasising on how their businesses can gain value by establishing operations in Sri Lanka. We will also be visiting Sweden for meeting our current clientele, to further strengthen partner relations and also grow our operations.