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Monthly Newsletter – July 2016

by Pyxle PR on July 29, 2016


Pyxle delivers an impressionable web presence for MTD Walkers PLC

by Pyxle PR on July 29, 2016

The Pyxle Portfolio this month has unveiled concise usability engineering, iterative design and interaction models over its latest project for MTD Walkers PLC. With comprehensive user analytics and subsequent high-fidelity prototypes to suit desktop, tablet and smartphone, the final user-centric design has achieved the right balance between approachability and corporate appeal.

MTD Walkers - Pyxle (July 2016)

The business conglomerate’s extensive sector, project, client and sustainability base has been organised such that all information is presented at a glance, while staying in line with the organisation’s objectives to feature a layout that is contemporary and amiable.

Visit the MTD Walkers website at

Digital Media Buying – Leveraging Ad Impressions for Brands Online

by Pyxle PR on July 21, 2016

And why choose Pyxle for this purpose.

Increased and frequent usage of digital media strongly implicates a rising demand of online real estate. As a business owner or marketer, have you capitalised on this digital real estate for your brands and services?

Leading websites in Sri Lanka have proven to provide high conversion rates for advertising. Pyxle now offers digital media buying services to deliver a complete digital media package, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Get in touch with us today on 011 5 355 366 for more information.



Going on 14: Pyxle celebrates another year as a benchmark digital solutions and software offshoring provider

by Pyxle PR on July 15, 2016

The first day of July was abound with motivation, inspiration and passion, as Pyxle concluded another successful year. Our entire team of staff reminisced achievements made and relationships nurtured, with insightful talks and words of appreciation.


Last but never the least, the delights on the centre table brought a smile to everyone’s faces, making this birthday feel all the more cherishing!




Pyxle Birthday (July 2016) - Coaster



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