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Pyxle to expand its business presence in Europe by strengthening current and prospective networks

by Pyxle PR on October 21, 2016


Consisting of a robust local and international portfolio, Pyxle aims to go beyond its present landscape by expanding its operations furthermore on a global scale. With a network successfully in operation in Canada, Malaysia and Sweden, we are striving to extend our market presence by reinforcing current partnerships and forging future ones during the coming month.

Sessions will comprise of a roadshow in Germany, along with participation at the Hightech Summit that is due to happen on the 8th of November at Stuttgart. This shall give us the chance to network with large-scale corporations as well as tech start-ups for emphasising on how their businesses can gain value by establishing operations in Sri Lanka. We will also be visiting Sweden for meeting our current clientele, to further strengthen partner relations and also grow our operations.


Colombo Process introduces a dynamic online information portal that’s engineered by Pyxle

by Pyxle PR on October 12, 2016

The Colombo Process is an organisation which acts as an independent governing body for policies, standards and regulations revolving around labour sending countries in Asia. Primarily an information and publication based web platform, Colombo Process underwent thorough needfinding during its design stage. A user persona analysis was executed by our web engineering panel with quantitative and qualitative feedback obtained from questionnaires, surveys and one-on-one interviews from current audiences.

The wireframes created were subsequently reliant on all profiles from the persona analysis; making sure to strike the right balance such that every user profile was catered to equally, from an initial low-fidelity stage. Information findability was a major pain point that was brought to light during the requirement gathering stage. Improved information architecture was therefore delivered via compartmentalisation based on the user persona analysis that was carried out. This helped transform the manner in which users could find that they are looking for.


The intuitiveness of the search engine was thereby enhanced owing to these strategies. Add to this an accounts section which features industry standard security, along with knowledge sharing platforms and video conferencing tools to facilitate communication across member states.

The Colombo Process is an organisation that works with labour exporting countries in Asia, by facilitating a platform to create and discuss regulations, policies and crisis management regarding manpower placed overseas. In operation since 2003, 11 countries actively participate in this forum, with 8 observer countries offering the support required to sustain fair and equitable practices when it comes to labour export.

Visit the Colombo Process website at

Commercial Bank of Maldives (a subsidiary of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC) releases a powerful web portal that has been engineered by Pyxle

by Pyxle PR on October 6, 2016

Commercial Bank of Maldives released its official website simultaneously with the commencement of its operations in Malé, earlier this month. With a visual identity that significantly differs from its parent organisation, our team of web engineers accommodated these variations to reveal a web presence that would enforce the bank’s mission for serving with cutting-edge technology.

Information for different audiences have been tabulated to provide maximum ease of access, complete with an interface that’s touch-enabled, responsive and highly engaging.

Visit the CBM website at


Monthly Newsletter – September 2016

by Pyxle PR on September 30, 2016


Google removes ‘mobile-friendly’ label from search results, further validates the necessity of responsive webpages

by Pyxle PR on September 26, 2016

A change that was put to effect in due course of the last month, Google now omits the ‘mobile friendly’ label which appears on the left of search results. With a vast majority of websites now adhering to mobile responsiveness, the search engine giant determined that removing the label would de-clutter the display of search results.


Google also stated that websites with unnecessary pop-ups will be penalised during the forthcoming year. Banners which cover a significant portion of indexed content on webpages or interstitials that push content below the fold will negatively affect rankings.


Exceptions include cookie policies, legal disclaimers, age verifications, login requests for non-indexed content and banners which do not compromise on the immediate access of content.


So what does this mean for your business’s web presence?

It’s not breaking news that mobile responsiveness is ubiquitous and an absolute necessity for grabbing the attention of customers, retaining that attention and ensuring good ranking in search results today. What’s newfound is that the correct UI can also assist your website to land high within search rankings due to improved accessibility of content – and the correct design and placement of interstitials proves just that.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that a carefully structured website leads to high quality, organic SEO. Both these aspects within today’s digital sphere go hand-in-hand. Therefore, our panel of web engineers and SEO technicians work in tandem to produce the right blend of strategies that result in a holistic digital presence.

Nowadays, concentrating on effective UI strategies in conjunction to SEO is the ideal blueprint to construct a competent web presence, unlike times gone by when each of these areas were individually focused upon.

Interested to know how we can help you? Reach out to us today.

The Acunetix Web Application Vulnerability Report 2016 – A Strategic Review

by Pyxle PR on September 23, 2016

In its latest web application vulnerability report, online security scanning expert Acunetix states that high severity attacks have been on the rise by 9%, since 2015.

As the digital sphere accelerates into a fast-paced environment which millions depend on daily, the chances of security breaches tend to increase manifold too. Companies now excessively rely on web apps to satisfy consumer demands, while giving development teams tight deadlines to implement solutions.

As the usage for apps reach its peak, over 27,000 web scans and over 17,000 network scans have been analysed by Acunetix, disclosing all results over its comprehensive Web Application Vulnerability Report 2016.

Web server and perimeter network vulnerabilities have incurred a significant increase, while serious vulnerabilities over WordPress and JavaScript have more than doubled during the past 12 months. With most websites worldwide susceptible to at least one highly severe security attack, it is highly likely for breaches to occur if action isn’t taken quickly, and by effective means.

A leading name in online security scanning, Acunetix has been helping websites and web applications achieve superior security standards since 2005. The security expert recommended actions which involve a combination of preventative measures as well as solutions to fix prevailing security defects.


Designing/developing platforms to instil high security and resist penetration from attackers is the foundation for sustaining robust websites and apps. Conducting a blend of automatic and manual testing on a regular basis helps to further maintain security standards through scanning, monitoring and resolving issues.

Being on the forefront of strategic software development and in partnership with Acunetix, Pyxle presents the perfect blend of competencies to cater to a web presence which strikes the right balance between security and functionality. Our updated security license from Acunetix enables enhanced scanning and resolution of issues during every stage of the software development cycle, including after implementation.

Talk to us today on how you can produce a website that complies with today’s security requirements. We can also offer a trial from Acunetix, by conducting a complimentary scan over your site or app.

Please refer to the Acunetix Web Application Vulnerability Report 2016 for more information.

W.M. Mendis redefines elegance with brand new website that’s crafted by Pyxle

by Pyxle PR on September 21, 2016

Rebuilding the perception of W. M. Mendis as being a brand of finesse and sophistication was brought to life over its all-new website. This was made possible by collaborative design that heightened brand empowerment, while creating scenarios for relating to users in a personified manner.

Watch this video for a creative preview of the website.





Launched by Pyxle: Centre for Policy Alternatives launches online information hub on housing and urbanisation

by Pyxle PR on September 1, 2016

An organisation that conducts research on key issues pertaining to property development, housing and eviction, ‘Right to the City’ is an initiative by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA). The project aims to raise awareness on the issues which low to middle class citizens face as they are involuntarily evicted from their homes due to the construction of high-rise buildings.


The information-based template of the RTTC site is the ideal framework for sharing content such as statistics and blog articles for optimum insights. The Content Management System (CMS) for the site allows administrators even with minimal technical knowledge to regularly make updates. The versatility to accommodate an assortment of content types provide target audiences such as state authorities and NGOs the intelligence they need for informed decision making.

Visit the Right to the City website at

Monthly Newsletter – August 2016

by Pyxle PR on August 31, 2016


CIM Sri Lanka partners with Pyxle

by Pyxle PR on August 30, 2016


From left to right: Sanjika Perera, Chairman (CIM Sri Lanka), Oshada Senanayake, COO/Director (Pyxle) and Sanjeew Perera, Manager Business Development (Pyxle)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Sri Lanka entered into a strategic partnership with Pyxle (Pvt) Ltd. Pyxle was the Digital Media partner for the flagship event of the institute’s annual calendar, CIM Sri Lanka Annual Conference, held on 28th and 29th June 2016.

The partnership between CIM Sri Lanka and Pyxle (Pvt) Ltd will mutually benefit both organisations in terms of strengthening respective brand identities in the market. Commenting on the partnership, Sanjika Perera, chairman of CIM Sri Lanka said, “We are proud to partner with Pyxle (Pvt) Ltd and are grateful to their continued support to promote CIM and its activities in Sri Lanka. Pyxle has competently synergised real-time digital marketing strategies with our objectives to attract marketing enthusiasts for optimising their know-how in these diverse business areas.”

CIM Sri Lanka is the first international branch of CIM UK and is proud to claim the largest membership outside the UK. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, CIM Sri Lanka has always campaigned for high professional standards, greater recognition for the profession and marketing excellence in Sri Lanka through education, training and development.

Oshada Senanayake, COO/Director at Pyxle (Pvt) Ltd remarked, We are delighted to collaborate with the Chartered Institute of Marketing Sri Lanka as it will be a great opportunity to work together with the largest professional body of marketing. Our aim is to produce intuitive social interfaces that potently articulate every event’s mission for setting and developing the standards of marketing in Sri Lanka.”

Based in Sri Lanka and consisting of a global presence in Canada, Sweden and Malaysia, Pyxle has been contributing towards creating diverse web landscapes for numerous blue-chip organisations since 2003. To know more about their key competencies, please call 011 5355 366 or e-mail at

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