Client Intro

Chinese Dragon Café is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Sri Lanka servicing customers for over half a century. Established in 1942, it is a family owned restaurant pioneered Chinese cuisine in Sri Lanka, offering authentic food refined specifically to suit the local palate. Today it has 3 branches in Colombo and suburbs; with the proposed introduction of 2 more restaurants.

Scope & Requirement

The website was initiated in partial fulfillment of the restaurants’ re-branding and expansion program which was rolled-out within a 3 month period. With the company experiencing a sudden change in strategy; it was decided that an extensive and comprehensive engagement platform for online sales was necessary. The rationale for this online sales channel was the foreseeable increase in online sales as a future growth model and as a support to the existing “sit down”restaurant business model.

Pyxle solution

The proposed strategy by Pyxle was a social media integrated Content Management System (CMS) with a sophisticated shopping cart where users could browse the menu, place orders online, pick favorites, suggest menu items to friends or get suggestions, request special orders, manage invoices and create favorite menu items for future reference. The system was also integrated into the backend restaurant management system (RMS) which facilitated rapid order scheduling, pricing/stock management and realtime reporting. Pyxle designed and developed this E-Commerce site within a tight delivery schedule and technology requirement. It was the first of its kind in the restaurant industry in Sri Lanka in terms of the new media usage, order management services, interactive imagery, social media integration and easy navigation.