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Pyxle.Learn is an open source based e-learning platform which enables organizations to streamline its training & development needs by effectively converting each computer in your office to act as a tutor to your staff through which all training, discussions, and testing can be completed, as and when necessary. The solution would act as a knowledge sharing hub, enabling efficient dissemination of content throughout the organization staff while also helping HR department to plan and schedule training & development needs of individual employees/ groups based on the outputs of annual performance appraisals. System would facilitate employees to sit for their trainings/courses irrespective of their physical locations while reporting to the central HR department. Pyxle.Learn includes a comprehensive administrative panel which allows central HR department to manage multitude of employees scattered across various locations. Employee Profile Management, Course Creation & Scheduling, Tutor Management, Employee Evaluation are few of the key features available on the system beside a host of reporting functionalities. From an organizations point of view the system reduces costs incurred on traditional training methods as well as mitigate most of other logistical issues in organizing training programs while from a broader aspect it helps HR departments to effectively handle an organizations succession planning and resource allocation activities.

Benefits of Pyxle.Learn

  • Streamlined process for all training & development needs
  • Efficient succession planning mechanism
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing throughout the organization
  • Coherently managed courses and related materials
  • Communication for all T&D needs across the organization
  • Assessments of employees performance

Pyxle.Learn Key Features

  • Administrative Panel
  • MIS and Reporting
  • Planning & Tracking
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Competencies & Skills
  • Certificate & Reporting
  • Knowledge Collaboration Tools
  • Multi-Lingual

Why Pyxle.Learn

  • Built on a leading open source LMS platform
  • Lower cost of ownership - No Licence
  • Scalable & Integrated with HRMS
  • Quick Deployment
  • We support 7 out of top 10 conglomerates in Sri Lanka

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