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Pyxle Res is an internet based hotel, motel and activity based reservation/booking solution which has been conceptualized & developed by Pyxle on completely open source platforms utilizing local resources. This system was development after careful study and research over a period of 5 years; as Pyxle has developed previous versions (lighter versions) of similar booking engines since 2003. Thus Pyxle RES is the ultimate Online Hotel Room & Activity Sales system incorporating the latest technology, leisure industry business processes and client side interactivity. In addition to a typical reservation engine; Pyxle Res offers an augmented user experience (for the Hotel owners) on the booking management process such as advanced marketing, yield management process, automated up selling/pricing, multiple season manager, packaged deals/special offers, group purchase, automated alerts, KPI tracking and various related services that to act to enhance online revenue channels.

Multiple NBQSA Awards 2012/13

The Pyxle Res comes in two versions as the Standard and the Enterprise version. The Standard option is featured with online reservations, cross selling, basic reporting facilities and single property support. The Enterprise version offers multi property support, a comprehensive rules engine and intelligent up selling, Multiple Seasons Management and advanced reporting capabilities. The embedded rules engine available on the enterprise version can be well utilized to initiate strategic sales on identified trends via special offers, hot deals etc; if allocated number of rooms are selling faster than expected; pricing rules could be set to increase the room prices based on set occupancy thresholds and vice versa.

Clients that use our Pyxle.RES

Unique Features include

Front End / Client Side

  • 3 Step Booking Process
  • Virtual walkthroughs via image galleries
  • My Login Portal for guests
  • Voucher Redeeming
  • Multiple Hotel booking support
  • Up selling / Cross selling Features ( Special offers / Hot Deals/ Add-ons)

Back End / Administrative

  • Seasonal Dynamic Pricing Management
  • Special Offers Manager
  • Rules Engine for Yield Management
  • E-Billing Faculties
  • Voucher Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Integration to all major Property Management Systems

Pyxle Res is also Cloud ready and can be obtained as a SAAS (Software as a Service) model where hotels can access the system via a cloud based subscription methodology. In the SAAS model, the property pays on a pay as you earn model based on room nights and Pyxle hosts the system on its server farm.

Supported IPG Integrations