Project Rescue

Project in Crisis, Deploy Rescue Team.

Your critical IT project is turning into a nightmare. Is it budget overruns? Not sure your project can meet the deadlines? Poor quality? Your operational model is not working? Or is there simply no transparency?

Project Rescue can help salvage your ailing IT projects and transform them into programs that recapture your business value and create true value partnerships that deliver your business outcomes.

  • Budget overruns? Use the remainder of your budget to create an “effective value” team for development and support
  • Cannot meet your deadlines? Increase your velocity by creating a 24×7 development model
  • Poor quality? Same-day recurrent QA services to be in constant control of your project risks. Exploit the time zone advantage.

Failures to communicate? Direct access to client driven self-managed teams without the red tape. You choose your team, and you’re in control!

  • Create a back to track plan
  • Define your high-value-first delivery strategy
  • Establish the program governance
  • Create measurement plans and tracking metrics
  • Engage our Development, QA and Support Rescue teams


Pyxle International is your team. Now.

We offer fast-growing companies the ability to quickly scale their software development operations with strategic team augmentations from our development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Happy clients

IdeaPoint has utilized Pyxle’s staff augmentation services for the past 7+ years and the offsite team has been instrumental in the company’s growth and reach over the years.

Our clients