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"The web portal delivered by Pyxle has won us multiple awards and has created a well synergized web portal aligned with corporate objectives."

DFCC Vardhana Bank

Rosheeni Amarathunga,
Vice-President DFCC Vardhana Bank

"The professional expertise and guidance that the Pyxle Team provided us in rolling out a comprehensive e-commerce platform for Vinod Patel has been tremendous"

Vinod Patel

Head of IT,
Vinod Patel, Fiji

"Our Traffic Increased 470% percent in just 3-4 months after pyxle optimization"

Gallefort Hotel

Karl Steinberg
Chairman, Gallefort Hotel

"The support we get from Pyxle is wonderful"

Clove hall

Clove Hall, Malaysia

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Software Development

We understand the commercial needs of modern businesses and how custom software can be used to improve performance and profitability. We can provide you our development services whether you need bespoke software development, custom programming or the creation of new software-based products. Starting with review of the clients' business process, we develop business solutions that integrate seamlessly with any existing systems and rapidly enhance your potential to perform. Typical projects include Microsoft SharePoint portals, Business intelligence tools on SSIS/SSRS, customized ERP systems, Hotel Management Systems and Mobile Applications amongst many others

A Few things we can do for you

  • Testing Services
  • Platform Migration
  • Software Product Development
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Application Maintenance & Enhancement

Application Maintenance and Enhancements

Pyxle enables our customers to carry out their core business functions with minimum maintenance involvement. Enhancement services include usability, user documentation, load and performance, new integrations and customized improvement. To be successful in the market and satisfy ever-changing market needs, a software company's applications must constantly evolve. At Pyxle; we bring the power of IT to you.

Platform Migration

Pyxle has enabled several technology companies to migrate their legacy products to state-of-art technologies. Offerings in this field include: legacy technologies to .NET migration , J2EE to .NET porting or vice versa, application server migration, database porting (e.g. SQL Server, Faircom, Oracle, MYSQL etc.), windows to open-source and porting applications to work on multiple operating systems.

Software Product Development

At Pyxle we develop bespoke software solutions, ranging from specific modules & components, to complete packages with testing and implementation. Starting with review of the clients' business process, we develop business solutions that integrate seamlessly with any existing systems and rapidly enhance the potential to perform. Our services aim to accelerate the creation of your software products, reduce time to market and help make schedules predictable. This in turn helps to better manage resources, predict costs, and reduce market and technology risks. Our highly-skilled teams have a solid work ethic, ensuring the quality and reliability of the products we build for you.

Mobile Application Development

Pyxle is uniquely positioned to help you get your product mobile enabled through our focused mobile development units. Our mobile enablement services specifically allow you to ingest, catalog, store and deliver content to various mobile handsets and platforms. We offer you functional end to end solutions that develop sales, build customer awareness, increase efficiencies and even enhance brand identity. We constantly push the envelope in terms of innovation, service and development platforms in the ever changing mobile sphere.

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